Bullfrog’s green electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under its EcoLogoM program. Their natural gas is presently sourced in Quebec by collecting methane escaping from a landfill site.

A common question seems to be "How do they ensure the very power I use is green?" They don't, that's not how it works. Even if you have solar panels on your roof, the actual electricity you use is for the most part not the electricity you generated.

The bulk of electricity generated by home solar panels happens in the middle of the day when most of us are at work and our homes are using little power. So unless you have a battery backup system (which is rare and very expensive), your panels are simply feeding the grid. At night when the sun is down and you are using power, you are drawing off the grid.

Having home solar panels means you have made an investment in clean energy to compensate for your personal consumption, so that much less power will be generated through more harmful methods.

Bullfrog operates under the same principle, so you can give yourself the same pat on the back for generating power. They simply inject an amount of green energy equal to your consumption into the grid, just as your own personal generators would. So essentially you have solar panels or a windmill, they just aren't on your roof.

Natural gas in Canada is also on a grid system of pipelines, so just like electricity, sustainably collected natural gas is injected into the system to balance your consumption. Bullfrog Power is audited annually to confirm that as much green electricity (or gas) has been injected onto the energy system as their customers have used.

By voluntarily paying a premium for green energy, you are creating market demand for more renewable power sources. Since Bullfrog's launch, several new wind projects have been commissioned in Canada to meet the demand of their customers. While Bullfrog Power is not yet available in all of Canada, they are working towards it so keep your eyes open.