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GlasCurtain is a Canadian Manufacturer of R9.5 Fibreglass-Framed Curtain Wall Systems


Launched at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, GlasCurtain is a Canadian manufacturer of R9.5 Fibreglass-Framed Curtain Wall Systems that improve occupant comfort and reduce operational costs and carbon by upwards of 30%, while reducing embodied carbon by 60%. GlasCurtain's newest system, ThermPH+, is the highest thermally performing curtain wall system in the world and is certified to Passive House (PHI) Cold Climate criteria. (0.6 W/m2K - R9.5). Exclusively designed for triple-glazed applications, GlasCurtain is dedicated to advancing envelope performance, particularly in the face of more stringent Energy Step Codes, LEED, LBC, WELL, and Passive House requirements. GlasCurtain is a proud member of the Canada Green Building Council and Passive House Canada.