Username & Publication Names Policy

The Ecohome Network usernames and publication slugs are claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. A username or publication slug should only be attached to one account or publication at a time.
A publication slug is defined as the text after the Ecohome Network domain. For example, for, “leed-ap-blog” is the slug.


We encourage you to remain active with your The Ecohome Network account and publication. This activity can include recommending, liking, or publishing for accounts, and publishing for publications. Account usernames or publication slugs may be reclaimed after 6 months of inactivity. We don’t accept requests for inactive accounts, unless you own a registered trademark for it.


Username, publication name, and publication slug trademark violations may involve using a trademarked logo, business or product name in a way likely to confuse people. For more information, read our (6) Trademark Policy.

Deceptive conduct

We do not allow deceptive conduct on The Ecohome Network. This includes creating an account, username, or publication that posts content or impersonates a person or organization in a way likely to deceive people. When we find instances of this, we reserve the right to suspend your account pending investigation and verification.

Parody Accounts

The Ecohome Network allows parody and fan accounts. Those accounts must be clearly marked as such, and need to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The bio must directly state that the account is not affiliated with the targeted subject by using words such as “parody,” “fake,” “not,” “false,” or “fan.” There’s no specific formula you must use for the disclaimer, but it must be quickly and clearly evident this is the intention of the account to any audience.
  • The Ecohome Network name and username must not be the exact same as the targeted subject, and should contain a disclaiming word such as “parody,” “fake,” “not,” “false,” or “fan.” For example, if you are parodying John Smith, your username can’t be @johnsmith.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in suspension or removal of the The Ecohome Network account.