Community Guidelines


Welcome to Ecohome!

If you’ve made it down here to the boring stuff, that means you have probably found something of interest and want to know more about what is going on here. It's pretty simple –  We've created a step-by-step building guide to help owners and builders achieve better results in their construction projects. We also have a discussion forum where you can scroll through questions, or ask one of your own if you weren't able to find the information you were looking for. 

Rules of the Ecohome community:

Whether you are leaving a comment on an article, asking a question or responding to one, we really only ask one thing of you:

Be nice, okay? That about sums it up. Everyone is here for the same reason, to learn and share information about how to build better homes. You may disagree with something you read or with someone’s reply to a comment you made, but that’s no reason to get in a huff and lash out. Our moderators reserve the right to remove offensive material.

We ask that any topics, language and images you post be appropriate for all ages. Your own kids, nieces and nephews may be here too, so if you wouldn’t say it at a family dinner table then don’t say it here.

Please keep topics and comments relevant; if you want to get exposure for your company, contact us about a visibility program, any blatant attempts to promote products will be removed immediately.

Failure to follow these very reasonable rules of conduct will result in materials being removed and the user being blocked. That about does it, thanks!