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Arctic Hotel

Bedroom, Quebec City - Levis

The Award-Winning: Aqsarniit Hotel and Conference Centre

Inspired by Inuit culture, the design is an asymmetrical structure clad with LED-illuminated glass and steel that pays homage to the Northern Lights. The building, engineered to meet the highest energy efficiency standards, is located in one of the planet’s coldest and most remote regions. One of the world’s most significant northern Hotels. The client selected modular construction as the most viable solution to a short building season on Baffin Island, Canada. Following 6 months of fabrication in our factory, delivery of the 62 modules, 102 suite hotel is scheduled for July 2019 to Iqaluit, Canada

This award-winning build marks a significant milestone for Stack and @birdconstructioninc completing our first project as partners, and delivering a sophisticated turnkey modular construction solution with an integrated conventional build. Everything from the steel frame to the internal fixtures was pre-fabricated in our advanced manufacturing facilities and shipped to the worksite. Our end-to-end solutions led to the successful completion of this challenging and exciting project. We are honoured to receive this internationally recognized award and look forward to many more new projects to come.

Upon completion of construction in the Stack factory in May 2019, modules will be loaded onto a break bulk vessel at the port of Shanghai. The vessel will travel across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, and up the Atlantic coast to Baffin Island in northern Canada. In total the journey will take 75 days and will pass through multiple climate zones.

Upon arrival the hotel the modules are erected in under 30 days and finishing work will commence on the building exterior, plumping, and mechanical and electrical services. The hotel has opened significantly faster than conventional construction methods.

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