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Peregrine and Peregrine +

House Construction Interiors, Kingston

Both of these models make for a great tiny house on wheels, a bunkie, or a cabin as extra sleeping space for guests or tucked away into the forest. We've seen it successfully installed as a mobile medical unit, as well.

The Peregrine (262 sq ft) is designed with a single-slope roofline, an elegantly designed kitchen, fold-away bed, kitchen table, and an integrated couch The Peregrine + (320 sq ft) is slightly roomier than the Peregrine, adding a foot to both the length and width and an extra 2+ feet of height. As with all Harmonic products, its lightweight qualities allow for easy and efficient transport. Choose to off-load onto a variety of low-impact foundation systems at delivery, or keep on a trailer for mobility. 

Available as Harmonic Energy Star or Net Zero Ready thermal performance.

Allow 2-4 weeks onsite for installation. Client responsible for all permitting and municipal services.

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