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Saint-Adolphe Low E single family house

3D Rendering, Saint-Jerome (Laurentides)

Turnkey design build project for a 2500 square foot single-family house on the shoreline.

This two-story home will stand by a lake onto a rugged topography of 72,000 square feet while maximizing views and solar gains. Low E building with geothermal energy, energy and water efficiency measures. Project modelized into Passive House planning tool (PHPP)

Design (in collaboration with Entourage Architecture)

  • Land characterization 
  • Project vision
  • Plans for permit
  • Plans for construction
  • Interior design

Energy modeling

  • Building detailing
  • Material research
  • PHPP energy modeling
  • Mechanical coordination
  • Geothermal coordination


  • Construction specifications
  • Construction planning 

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