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Bio Dredger

Foundations & Crawlspaces, Houston

You can rely on Bio Dredger for first-rate biological dredging services that provide real results through a seamless product application method. Our costs are much lower and we can also help you cut down on disposal costs. Our Biological DredgingTM solution utilizes a nature-inspired technology to degrade solids and improve lagoon treatment, helping you reclaim storage capacity. Our solution makes use of microbes that boost and accelerate the biological process of digestion and biosolids degradation. Just one yearly application is needed for routine lagoon maintenance. The best part is that you don't need to stall your operations and lose out on profits during the process. Contact us to find out more!

Contact us now for mechanical dredging, lagoon wastewater treatment, lagoon management and maintenance, and biological wastewater treatment services.

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