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Roof insulation with mineral wool batts

Wall Construction, Vancouver (Greater Vancouver)

Pitched roof insulation is more a necessity rather than choice. The roof in a home is the most exposed structural element to external influences. It is also an element through which a large amount of thermal energy is lost if not insulated properly, so it is very important that roofs are well thermally insulated in order to stop heat escaping or cold from entering the building in winter, and vice versa in summer. Insulating a pitched roof with mineral wool is a very economical and environmentally efficient decision, because it significantly decreases heating and cooling bills and reduces the greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Thermafiber by Owens Corning is zero formaldehyde, having a positive influence on internal air quality of homes.


Thermafiber® introduced the first formaldehyde-free mineral wool to the market, supporting safety and sustainability.

Trust 4 out of 5 of the tallest buildings in North America trust Thermafiber® mineral wool.

Expertise The Thermafiber InSolutions® team supports AEC professionals to evaluate, design, inform, test and deploy perimeter fire containment assemblies.

Safety Thermafiber® is the first mineral wool to earn the Department of Homeland Security’s Safety Act designation.

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