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The Villas at Serenade

Foundations & Crawlspaces, Springfield - Peoria

Serenade homes are built built around ICF construction for peripheral and common walls. This ICF block construction system creates peripheral and common walls made of solid concrete, formed by pouring concrete into stacked, stay-in-place “manufactured” Styrofoam forms. They go together a lot like Legos blocks, where a 6" space is created between two layers of 2.5" foam, and reinforcing rods are placed and concrete poured.

The major benefit of ICF walls is the incredible strength and durability, with significant and totally passive energy savings. With these strong and reinforced walls on the main floor of the home, it also eliminates the need for a basement for safety purposes.

Located in Troy, Illinois, with convenient access to neighboring towns via Interstates 55, 70 and 270. Troy is an idyllic Midwestern small town, with less than 10,000 residents. You get all the benefits of small town living, but within close distance to larger communities like Edwardsville and St. Louis. IL-162 connects directly with Troy’s northern interstate access, and Troy’s “Business District” along 162 is walkable from the villas. Destinations within easy walking distance include multiple fast food and dining options, convenience stores and medical offices.

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