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ISOCLAD | Rigid air barrier insulation for exterior residential walls

House Construction Exteriors, Toronto (Greater Toronto)

ISOCLAD combines the insulating performance of an expanded polystyrene panel with an air-barrier membrane, while still providing a permeable solution that allows moisture trapped behind walls to evaporate and reduces the chances of mold and ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. By combining the rigid insulation panel and the air-barrier membrane into one product, the step of installing the air barrier in a roll is eliminated. 

Patented, with 20 years of testing behind it, the ISOCLAD product is recognized for its exceptional permeability to water vapour and is widely installed in new construction and renovation projects, both in residential and commercial sectors. ISOCLAD is used as a reference product by architects and construction specialists for energy-efficient buildings, such as those targeting LEED certification.

RESIDENTIAL NEW BUILDS AND RENOVATION | Single family. Duplex. Townhouse. Multi-unit.

ISOCLAD allows you to easily meet building code and construction requirements for energy-efficient construction standards, such as Energy Star and Passive House and is also certified low chemical-emission product: GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD Gold.


Isolofoam offers a complete line of rigid expanded polystyrene insulation. These products are developed to improve the energy efficiency of houses and buildings and the comfort of occupants, while being easy to use by construction and renovation specialists.

Visit our website or contact one of our technical expert to get more information for a specific project. 

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