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iFLEXFOAM | Flexible and resistant under-slab insulation panel

Diagram, Quebec City - Levis

iFLEXFOAM is designed to provide continuous and uniform insulation beneath the concrete slab. Both flexible and highly resistant, iFLEXFOAM is the first and only under-slab insulation with an unequaled 4-sided clipping system that prevents panels from moving during the job. Less breakage for unparalleled efficiency on site!

For more than 40 years, Isolofoam has been working to improve sustainable building quality through a high-performance vision that combines the technical characteristics of our insulation products with optimal installation practices. iFLEXFOAM rigid under-slab insulation is one of those innovative, patented products that perfectly integrates these two concepts. Three builders shared their experience with iFLEXFOAM. The consensus of opinion is telling!

Quick interlocking of panels | Unparalleled flexibility| Peace of mind

Visit to download the complete Case Study and for more information about the product.

NEW CONSTRUCTION | Residential. Commercial. Industrial. Institutional.

iFLEXFOAM  allows you to easily meet building code and construction requirements for energy-efficient construction standards, such as Energy Star and Passive House and is also certified low chemical-emission product: GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD Gold.


Isolofoam offers a complete line of rigid expanded polystyrene insulation. These products are developed to improve the energy efficiency of houses and buildings and the comfort of occupants, while being easy to use by construction and renovation specialists.

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