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Kitchen, Toronto (Greater Toronto)

Concept 32 Custom Cabinet Studio is an independently operated custom kitchen & bathroom storage provider in Denver, whose services range from design to manufacturing and installing. With a specialization in cabinets and counters, they have found a surface they love with FENIX™ innovative materials for interior design.

That is especially true on a recent residential rebuild project, where designer Emily Waggenspack was tasked with ensuring the kitchen/dining/bar area opened up into the living room to create one big entertaining space.

Parker felt the Verde Comodoro provided a great transfer of color from the dining room to the kitchen, creating an inviting, beautiful look immediately when you walk in the front door. 

Meanwhile, Maggie noted that the matte surface helps offset the natural light.

Designer Emily agreed, and touted the benefits of the feel of FENIX, in addition to its pairing well with other materials.

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