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Gabion walls for exterior and interior

Patio & Pergola, Memphis

Our standard DuraWeld mesh options are all 3”x3” but we have several choices in both finish and wire diameter.

The standard options are as follows: 11 gauge galvanized, 12 gauge galvanized with PVC, 9 gauge raw steel (is allowed to rust), and 9 gauge galvanized steel.

While our DuraWeld standard gabions are most commonly found in the typical dimensions found in DuraFlex baskets we have much more freedom in basket sizing as shown below with ability to offer dimensions in 3 inch increments within the ranges given. Our standard DuraWeld gabions are shipped partially assembled and lead time ranges from 1.5 weeks to 2.5 weeks depending on what orders are in the queue. Our standard DuraWeld gabions ship with a variety of standard accessories that allow the gabions to be assembled quickly. The gabions are partially assembled with helical spirals and will ship with enough helical spirals, stiffening rods, and tie wire to finish assembling the gabions on site.

Our CUSTOM DuraWeld mesh options cover various mesh opening sizes, basket sizes, wire diameter, and material type and finish.

While custom mesh may end up being more expensive when comparing basket to basket, when taking into account the overall project, such as fill amount and installation time, it can end up saving you money in the long run.

Smaller mesh openings can allow you to utilize smaller fill material which in turn allows you to utilize a thinner basket in landscaping or veneer applications reducing the amount of stone needing to be purchased and loaded. In addition to custom mesh manufacturing capabilities we can also provide framed gabions. In many cases it is cheaper and more efficient for the end user to apply framed angle iron on site as the gabions can not be folded flat for shipping once the frames are added to the panels. Applying the frames onsite also gives you more flexibility in fitting your gabion units to the site requirements which can change during install depending on the project.

Regarding our custom mesh options: -We can offer mesh spacing from 3/4” up to 8” and can do both square and rectangular patterns. -We can offer 13 gauge up to 4 gauge wire diameter. -Material options for custom mesh are as follows: Raw Steel, Galvanized before Welding, Galvanized after Welding, Galfan, Grade 304 Stainless Steel, and Grade 316L Stainless Steel. -We can do up to 12’x6’ panels and our custom gabion mesh is shipped unassembled as individual panels on pallets for assembly on site.

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