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The Aerie

Living Room, Montreal (Greater Montreal)

Set on the forested southeast-facing slope of Mont Orford in the Eastern Townships, this country home was designed to enjoy the views across the wooded hillside that descends towards a stream at the bottom of the valley and rises to the cliff face opposite.

The south offers an attractive view of distant mountains. Modest in size, this house is simple, modern and natural in its materials and opens itself to the forest and the view while preserving the clients’ privacy.

The interior is spacious, the main living spaces open and inviting, with a clerestorey above the living room and a broad expanse of windows opposite the master bedroom mezzanine. The living spaces open onto an outside terrace that anchors the house to its rocky site, protected from the weather and hidden from the road.

The exposed bedrock of the site is featured on the edge of the terrace, where a rocky cliff face descends the slope. Deep roof eaves shade the house in the summertime, and radiant concrete floors on the lower level absorb heat from the winter sun.

The house was designed according to LEED and Novoclimat criteria.

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