Berri Resther Multi-unit Residence

House Exterior

The Berri-Resther project falls in the category of accessory dwelling units (ADU), a multi-unit building built in a backyard overlooking a street in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough in Montreal. Designed by the firm Microclimat and built with the support of the engineering firm Geniex and the work of Hu-Nic Construction, the Berri-Resther apartment building was built on a lot already occupied by a triplex.

The owners of the land enlisted Microclimat to find a way to make full use of the potential of their land, an uninhabited backyard, by building new rental units. Thanks to a tour de force of design and navigating the regulatory puzzle to which ADUs are often subjected, Microclimat has been able to design a welcoming habitat that helps to beautify the street in which it is located.

Winner of the 2019 Ordre des Architectes du Québec award for a multi-family building, this building contributes to the smooth densification of an already dense sector of the metropolis and the updating of a street full of potential.

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