Massawippi House


The Massawippi house located in the Eastern Townships is in the process of obtaining LEED® Platinum certification. Designed for a large family, it also adapts very well to teleworking.

The difference in land levels allows a south-facing garden level giving access to the land with mature trees and a market garden.

Its remarkable structure in beams and posts, made by a craftsman carpenter, is in the spotlight in the interior space, giving a unique character to the house. The mezzanine and the living areas on the first floor are bright thanks to the abundant windows to the south. The south-facing terrace, the entrance to the house and the open garage are decorated with architectural wooden structures.

In addition to the massive exposed wood frame, particular attention has been paid to the durability of the materials and the health of the occupants: the finish of the Massawipi house is entirely made of solid wood, from the floor to the door frames, from the kitchen to the window shelves. The roof is covered with sheet metal, ensuring the durability of the house over time.

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