Westeck Windows Mfg Inc.

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful doors, patio openings and windows that are energy efficient.


When a multi-national window and door company closed shop in the BC market, many good – hardworking people lost their jobs, and families lost their livelihood.

Armed with a dream to provide employment for those workers and a new approach to the industry, one of those inspired people dared to forge a new path. Westeck emerged as a scrappy start-up with a chip on its shoulder and a mandate to listen to the needs of its customers. What they learned would form the very DNA of Westeck.

Over the following years, Westeck developed many product firsts, constantly challenging the market’s status quo that had previously been set by larger window and door companies.

With each new product development, it became clear that customers no longer wanted standard sized white windows. Combo, SDL, and color options became the norm, and the building industry celebrated these options on its most beautiful homes. The success of new window products quickly led to demand in doors. Westeck listened and delivered the same transformative products it had done only years earlier with windows.

From scrappy start up to recognized leader, today Westeck stays true to its DNA formed nearly 20 years ago. The needs of Westeck’s customers drives a deep and ingrained research and development program that promises the next generation of products to advance the window, door, and patio opening industry. What once started as one man’s dream is now embraced and carried forward by all good and hardworking Westeck employees.

Westeck Windows and Doors now has 30+ sales professionals, across offices in the Pacific Northwest.   Westeck employs over 200 people, with the majority working out of the corporate facility in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

B.C. ENERGY EFFICIENCY REGULATIONS FOR: Windows, Glazing, Doors, Skylights

The purpose of this regulation is to improve the energy efficiency of manufactured fenestration products for all new and existing buildings. These products are a key component of a building’s exterior envelope that affects the energy usage required to heat and/or cool the conditioned space. Improved energy efficiency can reduce energy cost for homeowners and businesses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This circular includes updates to the Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation (EESR) for windows, glazing, doors and skylights that were approved March 6, 2018.