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Andreas M. Benzing is a practicing architect, teacher, and social entrepreneur

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New York

Andreas Benzing

Architect, R.A., LEED-AP, CPHD


a.m.Benzing architects pllc is one of the most prolific Passive House, sustainable, and LEED green home planning firm in the US. Founded in 2006 by Andreas M Benzing, we are renowned for our expertise and our commitment to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

Environmental mission and strategy (ESG)

Our portfolio contains some of the most important design achievements of the Passive House world, from cutting-edge new construction and inspiring interior design, to award wining Passive House renovations. Our Mamaroneck Passive House has won the the prestigious 2015 EBie Awards "Power to the People". This award recognizes the greatest percentage reduction in building energy use.