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How to generate leads

Every month, untold millions of homeowners, future homeowners, architects and building industry tradespeople around the world search for inspiration, products, and technical assistance in relation to the construction and renovation of sustainable homes. 

Having a completed profile on the Ecohome Network is essential because pertinent products and professionals are carefully placed in these high-traffic areas to generate sales leads and interest. Once a personal profile has been created and is logged in, profile or company details can always be updated by choosing from the menu displayed on clicking the icon or image top right when on the website. (see below)


Profile access point



Company dashboard

The company dashboard is where all of the company's client-facing profile information is created and edited from, such as products, services offered and showcases. The elements that can be added and edited directly are on the main dashboard with a + sign or 'edit' tab. 

For other key elements that are generally only updated occasionally, such as company contact details, social media links, sustainability mission statement, the about section, target market area, team members etc., are accessed by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the page menu. You can also toggle between the public and admin view. (see below)

Directory Company Profile Help



Company products

Please load attractive square product images of the most sustainable company products - 1000 x 1000 is ideal on a white background - loading multiple images for each product will allow analytical data to be gathered to find which version attracts most clicks and optimize ads in the future. Important note - always remember to click 'save' at the bottom right on the product add/edit page when finished!

Directory Help - How to Add or Edit Products



Company services

Please add company services here that help with sustainable construction or lifestyles (see below)

Services Help



Company showcases

Please add company showcases here that demonstrate sustainable construction products or services (see below)

Add Showcases here



Company profile information

Main company profile information can be found and edited here company contact details, social media links, sustainability mission statement, the about section etc

Edit main company settings



Business address

The main company business address can be updated here

Edit Company Address



Team member

Company team members can be edited and invited from here 

Edit & Add Company Team Members



Target market localization

The company main address indicates where the company is based, but to show products and services to potential customers in the correct specific geographical areas, we need this information completed

Edit Company Target Geographical zone

For any questions or assistance other than the points mentioned above, or to give feedback, please drop us an email here and explain in as much detail as possible and we will respond with assistance.