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Your paid listings are placed by our system automatically in areas pertinent to content so that qualifying products & companies are showcased appropriately with the techniques, products & strategies for better, healthier low-carbon construction & lifestyle outlined & promoted in our 1600+ content pages.

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The first step to ensuring that you get the best results is to have a completed Company profile, with a full range of products, attractive product photos and descriptions, and most of all product and service showcases. People online love to seek inspiration and browse through showcase images before wanting more information or a quotation. To ensure that your Company is getting the best performance, start here and make certain that this is completed. If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at the email below and we will contact you and help get the reults you need. 

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There are also significant additional opportunities for lead generation with the Ecohome Network - and in our experience these are best tailored specifically to a Companies own objectives in a traceable way and in harmony with existing Digital Marketing. Our dedicated Team of Optimization specialists are here to help - all it takes is to ask by contacting us directly at: 

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