Teri Ronk

Teri Ronk

Port Richey Florida

Chief Marketing Officer

I am a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in business development and leadership. With a dynamic career that spans from the inception of Dixie Belle to its current status as an international business with over 2000 retailers, I have played a pivotal role in shaping the company's success story.

Beginning in the early stages when Dixie Belle was a garage business, My journey involved navigating the challenges of a growing business, making critical decisions, and implementing effective strategies that propelled Dixie Belle into a global brand. My hands-on approach and leadership were instrumental in transforming the company into a thriving entity with a widespread retail presence.

My areas of competence extend across various facets of business management, including but not limited to business development, strategic planning, marketing, and relationship building. My ability to foster a collaborative and innovative environment has contributed to Dixie Belle's success, establishing it as a prominent player in the international market.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

From the outset, I recognized the potential impact of our business on the environment. The decision to focus on painting furniture rather than encouraging the purchase of new items emerged from a belief in the power of upcycling. This approach not only breathes new life into old furniture but also actively contributes to reducing waste in landfills and, importantly, helps in the conservation of trees by curbing the demand for new furniture production.

In my role as a business leader, I've strived to embed environmentally sustainable policies into Dixie Belle's core values. The belief that we can make a difference by promoting practices that are mindful of the planet has been a driving force. Beyond business strategy, it's a personal commitment to fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

I am proud that Dixie Belle not only stands as a successful international business but also serves as a model for responsible corporate citizenship in the realm of furniture and design. It's a testament to the idea that business success and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand, and I am dedicated to continuing this journey towards a more sustainable future.


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