Steven Schuhmann

Steven Schuhmann

Ottawa, ON

Principal Architect | Co-Founder

My curiosities have been oscillating between art, science, and technology for as long as I can remember. For me, architecture is the serendipitous intersection of each which serves as a pipeline for the creative and technical challenges which inspire my work.

In practice, I embrace constraints and use them as design parameters to inform creative solutions to complex problems. I work to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and to develop forward-thinking design strategies that leverage data, computation, and digital fabrication to deliver high-performance architecture. As an architect, I strive to empathize with my clients - to see their vision as they do, and to earn their confidence as a project leader and trusted advisor. As a project manager I serve the client and project team, working to clear obstacles and maintain the scope, schedule, and cost priorities of the project. I receive a great sense of accomplishment from helping clients transform concepts and ideas into architecture. And from rejecting shop drawings.

The challenges of our time are many and of a scale we've yet to experience. I believe architects are uniquely positioned to serve as thought leaders and advocates as we continue making strides towards a more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable world.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

We are always thinking about economy, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in our architecture. To us, these are not just applied afterthoughts, but are part of the project DNA.


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