Tiffaney Ross

Tiffaney Ross

Andover, MA


I am a Proud native Seattleite, single Mom, Union Carpenter, Commercial Vehicle Operator and lifelong steward for environmental health (thanks Mrs. Noble!)

One of my favorite teachers in Carpentry school once said: “To be a Carpenter is to be a problem solver.”
I will never claim to be the best Carpenter (far from it! But that’s why I hire the best - shoutout to Local 339), but I can confidently say that the reason you should choose to partner with us for your next construction project is I AM the best problem solver.

The Greater Good Industries solves the most pressing problems in construction by selecting the best products and systems that enhance the health of the environment, our suppliers, employee partners and growth in the American economy.

What I am most excited about is the flexibility in our structure that allows us to hire, train and retain individuals with physical and intellectual differences, as well as individuals requiring a flexible schedule in order to provide for loved ones.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

“We do the right thing, every time. Especially when no one is watching.”

I am a LEED Green Associate, Certified in Rainwater Harvesting by the ARCSA, one of few (if not only) on the East Coast Registered and trained in Greywater Management with Greywater Action, have studied and lived off-grid with Earthship Biotecture, and am a SIP’s Certified Master Builder, among a ridiculous number of other educational opportunities focused on environmentally responsible building practices.

Our partners in sustainable building are:
- Holcim, reduced carbon concrete
- Airkrete, the only truly environmentally sustainable spray foam insulation on the market today
- Hempwood, a carbon neutral alternative to wood flooring
- The EPA Water Sense Program - water saving fixtures and best practices

We look forward to building a lasting partnership with Hempcrete for their carbon negative insulation products, are continually in search of a more durable, environmentally sustainable drywall product and net-zero energy solutions for the buildings we construct.

We are always open to learning about new environmentally responsible building practices, materials and systems. Give us a shout anytime with ideas or insight!


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