Amélie Pearson

Amélie Pearson

Vancouver, BC

Client Success Specialist

Bonjour! I'm Amélie Pearson, the Client Success Specialist at Ecohome. With a blend of French flair and British charm, I bring a unique inquisitiveness and passion to my role.

Before joining Ecohome, I honed my skills as an admin assistant, emphasizing organization and attention to detail. At Ecohome, I specialize in ensuring client satisfaction and success. I thrive on building strong relationships and delivering exceptional service tailored to each client's needs. With expertise in translation, I bridge language gaps and foster clear communication in both French and English.

Outside of work, I enjoy immersing myself in books and whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen! With a deep love for animals and nature, I spend my free time sailing the open waters or exploring the wonders of the natural world.

I believe in genuine connection and proactive problem-solving, approaching each interaction with enthusiasm and empathy. Whether you're a current client or interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to discover how I and Ecohome can help you achieve your goals.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

Everything I do both personally and professionally is Carbon footprint focused! After all, it's my generations' responsibility to work towards a more balanced environment for future generations to come.


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