Durabella Seamless Terrazzo by Duracyl

Durabella is composed of various elements based on a special modified binder, marble aggregates and/or natural stones.

Durabella biopolymer is made from vegetable oil and is Red List Free.

The beauty and richness of traditional Terrazzo, orginally invented by the Romans, improved with the latest technologies of today, form a unique flooring system. Durabella has exceptional characteristics in appearance, aesthetics and durability. Durabella is a decorative floor finish, made of a colored bio-based binder and mixed in a matrix of marble, glass and other natural materials. After finishing, the natural beauty of the aggregates in a colored setting is exposed to provide a beautiful, durable and flexible Terrazzo.

Sustainable Attributes

  • Contributes to a healthy indoor environment
  • Long lifespan
  • Limited impact on the natural environment

Product details

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