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Sustainable Home Construction is Better with The Ecohome Network

The Ecohome Network helps everyone benefit from better built homes

Joining the world's largest independent sustainable building Network creates a Win/Win relationship for homeowners, building professionals & eco-responsible manufacturers alike - and when everyone wins in building - so does the Planet


For everyone

When we say "everyone" we mean everyone

Let's face Facts - The homes & buildings we live & work in are having a devastating impact on our planet.

Buildings are the biggest source of climate pollution = 39% of global emissions.

Construction, Maintenance & Renovation of homes generates the largest share of waste in landfills.

With city populations forecast by the UN to double by 2050, our planet cannot sustain the growing impact generated by traditional unsustainable materials & outdated building methods - for the good of everyone - buildings have to improve & The Ecohome Network is here to help...

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Lots of Benefits

When we say "benefit" we mean to "win in every way"

Better buildings are often associated with higher costs, but imagine if they weren't! When energy use is dramatically reduced for cooling & heating - it results in savings by an informed choice of techniques & materials. A bonus is improved indoor air quality, health & well-being - we all benefit from building & occupying better buildings.

Members of The Ecohome Network also benefit from member-exclusive offers for building products & services from Eco-conscious Manufacturers & suppliers of building materials - helping to make better buildings affordable & chanelling consumer spending into Eco-friendly construction products, Eco-conscious construction Professionals and the most eco friendly Brands. Another Win/Win for people & the Planet.  

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Better all Around

When we say "better" we mean better in every way

Let's put "better" into context with a short video:

Building better homes at the same price, with the right info & Network is absolutely possible. What are we waiting for?

Joining The Ecohome Network helps construct better buildings

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