Elegant Organic House

Peachland, British Columbia

Properties for sale | Okanagan valley

The Property:

  • Quarter Acre (1012 sq m).  Mountain & Lakeviews.
  • Fenced, private salt-water lap pool with traditional wood-fired Sauna.
  • Flat, 8 car driveway.  Detached, one-vehicle garage/workshop.
  • Fenced & Gated Yard.  Lavender flower field, nut trees, grapes.
  • No lawns. No water waste. Drought-tolerant landscape (xeriscape).  Municipal water.  Septic.
  • Located close to Crown Land wilderness & endless hiking
  • Nearby wood resources for woodstove 


  • 2 bedrooms, PLUS a beautifully finished, quiet, bright attic with sundeck. 
  • 2 baths (freestanding tub, walk-in shower).
  • Polished concrete radiant in-floor heating.
  •  Thick wood plank floors.
  • Wood-fired pizza oven inside the kitchen.  
  • Kiva fireplace (outdoor dining).
  • Small Wine Cellar designated space.
  • Innotech windows with excellent R-value.  Tilt-turn french doors.
  • Eco-friendly wood stove heating.

Type : Properties for sale
Style : Detached single family home
Price : 788 000 $
Year : 2016
Floors (basement exclu : 2
Building :  2100 ft2
Property :  .25 acres





Kitchen and dining room

Open concept

Main bedroom

Second bedroom

Living room

Ecological characteristics

  • Elegant, open-concept design.
  • Warm industrial-rustic architectual chic.
  • Intentionally "micro": approx 2100 sq.ft (approx 200 sq. m) subject to buyer verification (the walls are approx 22 inches thick so it affects measurements)
  • Approx 1300 sq.ft  (121 sq. m) finished deck & patio.
  • Post & Beam, larch and reclaimed industrial fir.
  • Custom-bound Organic straw. 
  • Home fire-safety value GREATER than conventional homes (insurance DISCOUNT).  Wildfire provings (California).
  • Minimal heating costs.  Solar potential. Passive air conditioning.
  • Minimal chemicals & off-gas. Mineral-tinted wall finish.

Insulative Values

The strawbales are packed extremely tight, therefore the home is more firesafe than conventional homes. Strawbale homes do not 'breathe' air or temperature through the wall.  Studies have shown that the transmission of fire generated heat is less than conventional homes.
The insulative R-Value is approx R70. Innotech windows have a higher R value than conventional windows.

Operating Costs for the YEAR (Canadian Dollars)

Including the annual pool refill, our year's water bill is minimal (no lawn).  The water bill for all of 2015 was under $150, never reaching allotted base rates.
With an R value of above 60, walls 22 inches thick, and Innotech windows this Elegant Strawbale Ecohome has lower heating costs than conventional homes.  Cozy.  Quiet.  Warm.  Zzzzzz.
Our property taxes were $1400 for last year.


Strawbale homes have a tensile strength that makes them recognized for ideal safety in earthquake regions (vs. stick frame or block).  Our strawbale has been structurally engineered with post & beams.

Solid Wood Materials

Instead of "veneers" or "timber accents", our home features thick larch posts, and reclaimed industrial fir beams.  The floors are not laminate, but rather thick plank floors. Most of the wood was milled by the builder, with the help of a local family-owned small mill.  Wood has been treated with non-toxic linseed oil (flax), plant wax,  distilled cedar resin,  or other oil stains. 


This site was prepared by a retired professional builder, framed and built to occupancy by the owner and a professional builder. It has engineering stamps including structural, and mechanical.  We maintained close contact with local building inspectors, despite having engineering.  This home far exceeds code in numerous ways.


This home is passively air conditioned,  The stucco walls give heat in winter,  and coolness in summer.  In July and August the windows must be closed from 10am-9pm in order to preserve coolness.

The Innotech windows on "tilt" create cross-flows without drafts.  Careful planning and an open concept eliminated stagnant areas.  Intentional window placements minimize the worst heat of the day in the summer, and allow for low angle sunlight in the winter.  Kitchen window placement allows for passive air conditioning afternoon to evening May-October.

The radiant in-floor heating is hot water generated with its own tank in a closed system (water tank won't need replacing).  Household water is separate.  November to March, the whole home is heated by eco-friendly catalytic-converting wood stove with wood resources nearby. (2 cords of wood).

The house scores well for solar potential  for part of the year, with a south-west slanted roof (we have not had the time to convert to solar).



Peachland, British Columbia, Canada   V0H 1X8