Arbora: Experience nature in the heart of Griffintown

Montreal, Quebec

Properties for sale | Montreal

An innovative frame made of solid wood for an eco-friendly project.

An ecosystem in itself

Nestled between your unit and your neighbourhood is a microcosm of everything you need to make life more enjoyable. Whether you choose a condo, an urban townhouse or a penthouse, Arbora offers a unique lifestyle with a multitude of integrated and à-la-carte services.

Also, take advantage of the flexibility and independence offered by our rental-only phase.

Inspired by nature and designed for the city, Arbora is a natural fit for Griffintown.

What was once the site of a bustling lumberyard will soon see the emergence of a solid wood structure with a unique, contemporary signature. Firmly planted in the heart of a thriving neighbourhood, this eco-friendly project made with black spruce from the boreal forests of northern Quebec promises to be a local hub and a great place to live. Choosing Arbora means stepping into a sustainably designed ecosystem where apartments and shops intertwine to enhance daily life. Being at Arbora means being in tune with nature in an urban forest, unlike anything else around.

Solid by nature Arbora is one of the first buildings in Quebec to be built with a solid wood frame of cross-laminated timber (CLT), known for its strength and performance. It is also the province’s largest residential project in terms of number of units built using CLT.

Choosing Arbora means:

  • Innovation construction using CLT solid wood
  • An ecosystem that encompasses local gourmand boutiques and shops
  • An urban forest like no other with conversation areas and an art station
  • High ceilings and exposed beams and posts
  • A unique lifestyle with a multitude of integrated and à-la-carte services
  • Private terraces, loggias and balconies that dwarf the competition
  • Easy access to sustainable means of transportation
  • Superior energy efficiency (LEED Platinum certification pending)
  • An ideal geographic location, just a two-minute walk from vibrant Notre-Dame Street
  • A heated outdoor swimming pool for condo owners

Innovative modern design

High performance, small carbon footprint Arbora is designed to have the smallest environmental footprint possible and to achieve LEED certification. Superior airtightness and LED lighting will mean signifi cantly smaller energy bills, and high-quality plumbing fi xtures will help minimize bathroom water consumption.

The warmth of wood with exposed wooden beams and posts, the units will have a distinctive style.

At Arbora, escape and relax in the restorative green space at ground level that occupies 40% of the site area.

Type : Properties for sale
Style : Condo
Price : Starting from $255, 000
Year : Sommer 2018
Building : From 400 - 1700 sq.ft.
Certification : LEED Platinum








Dining room



Common room



Ecological characteristics

Eco-friendly construction using CLT wood

A renewable material for a home that is solid, long-lasting and beautiful.

Unlike other building materials, wood is a natural and renewable resource. It also has a lower environmental impact than other materials in terms of energy, climate change and air pollution.


Solid wood panels are as strong as concrete but five times lighter—they are even 15 times lighter than steel—, meaning less weight on the foundation and ground supporting the building.


Wood is more resistant to heat loss than other structural materials: seven times more than concrete and 500 times more than steel. It therefore takes less energy to heat and cool buildings built of wood. CLT solid wood panels also deliver good acoustic performance that complies with existing standards.

Using CLT solid wood in a building increases its fire resistance and lowers the propagation risk, as heat has very little impact on the strength of wood.


Prefabricated panels cut to the required dimensions are delivered to the site, and the openings for doors and windows are cut to an accuracy of 1/10th of a millimeter using computer numerical control (CNC) precision machinery. Everything is planned and organized so buildings can be assembled quickly.


Did you know that the presence of wood indoors promotes better health for a building’s occupants? In addition to knowing that they live in a home built with a renewable material, urbanites can now comfortably enjoy wood’s pleasant surface temperature and its ability to temper sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Not to mention the character that the majestic wood posts and beams add to the interior of their condominiums.


In addition to providing long-term carbon storage, CLT solid wood panels consume less energy, both during the manufacturing process and when used at the construction site.

Nordic Wood Structures, who makes the CLT solid wood panels used in Sotramont’s construction projects, are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The Chibougamau-based company manages the boreal forest sustainably, together with the Cree Nation.


The project was designed and monitored by a professional in acoustics to ensure compliance with Building Code standards. 


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