The Sundher Group

The Sundher Group is a conglomerate of lumber manufacturing and marketing companies based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The Sundher Group is strategically located alongside the Fraser River, which allows for easy transportation of logs from our vast resources to the many  Sawmills we employ for production of our various species of wood . Our primary product line consists of, but not limited to, Structural Grade Appearance Timbers in various dimensions and lengths up to 40 feet. Our timbers are available in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Hemlock, either free of heart, or boxed heart. The Sundher Group also produces a full range of high value industrial products in various grades and sizes. 

Special instructions are undertaken for each order based on our clients needs.We transport our products via rail, truck or ship to our diverse client base across the world. Coast Clear Wood Ltd :  Coast Clear Wood Ltd. specializes in Pacific Coast Hemlock which grows along the coastal region of British Columbia. Few species of wood offer such consistency in colouring and grain, from heartwood to sapwood.

Sundher Timber Products Inc. : Established to market Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir lumber for specialty requirements. Whether it is Red or Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir, we provide customers with high-end finishes for interior or exterior uses.

L.S. Sundher Ltd : A Market Agency Company to introduce innovative forest products into new and emerging markets, such as India, China, Pakistan, South America, Latin America, and North Africa. We have forged alliances with Weyerhaeuser Company, Western Forest Products and Structurlam to market their products into underdeveloped markets.



Douglas Fir

Western Red Cedar

Yellow Cedar


Sustainability & ESG Rating

Our forests are a fragile gift, as members of the forestry industry we are committed to the principals of responsibility, nurturing and stewardship.  The Sundher group is committed to promoting wood as the sustainable building material of the future. British Columbia has the worlds toughest regulations for the forestry industry and in adherence our wood is PEFC certified. The Sundher group does not see this as a challenge , rather as an opportunity to lead the path in sustainable harvesting and processing through effective stewardship and forest management practices.