McIlveen Lumber Industries Ltd.

McIlveen Lumber has many different warehouse options like cedar, pine, lumber etc


McIlveen Lumber was established in 1972 as a wholesale distributor of high quality building materials specializing in softwood lumber. Our success over the last 40 years can be attributed to our ability to adapt to the ever changing market trends and conditions while keeping our core values intact.

Since our inception we have strived to supply the highest quality products without sacrificing our competitive advantages: exceptional customer service, product knowledge and expertise.

We build strong vendor partnerships to ensure growth and presence of their product in the markets we serve.  This is accomplished by being very selective of those products that we offer both in terms of quality and demand.

Mcilveen is a division of Gillfor Distribution Inc.  Gillfor is the parent company of OWL Distribution, Brown & Rutherford,& Brunswick Valley Distribution  Which operate 5 distribution centers and reload facilities across Canada