Long Hoh Enterprises Canada Ltd.

Long Hoh Specializes in international trade of forest products.


OUR COMPANY For more than two generations, Long Hoh Enterprises has been a producer and exporter of some of the finest quality forest products in the world. In 1998, the company expanded operations from Taiwan into North America with the addition of a specialty sawmill. It is situated on 50 acres of property 80 km west of Vancouver in the heart of Vancouver Island. With abundant resources close to the mill, Long Hoh is able to fulfill clients¡¦ needs with a competitive cost structure while offering a wide variety of value-added services. These services include custom cutting, kiln drying, heat treating, coring and remanufacturing. Long Hoh is recently certified by PEFC (Programme for the Endorsements of Forest Certification), which will give its customers added peace of mind that they are purchasing a ¡¥green¡¦ product harvested in a sustainable and un-controversial manner. Recognized as part of an elite group of high quality B.C wood manufacturers, Long Hoh looks forward to a long, bright future in the coastal forest industry.