Dakeryn Industries Ltd.

Leading manufacturer of specialty wood building products. Full-service distributor of SPF Appearance Grade lumber.


Dakeryn was founded in 1991, and began its journey as a small local wholesaler with only two employees based out of North Vancouver, BC. Since then it has strategically grown and diversified to include four companies, three locations, and over 100 employees across North America and worldwide.

Dakeryn is now a fully integrated wholesale, distribution, and re-manufacturing company servicing customers in a variety of industries including retail, production, industrial + more across the globe. The Dakeryn Group of companies includes Dakeryn Industries, Interpro Export Group, Mountain View Specialty Products, and Westmark. This integrated service and support offering provides customers with an unparalleled experience, from order to delivery.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Protecting Wood as a Resource

Sustainable forestry is critical to the preservation of our environment, and the continued use of wood as a natural renewable resource. Canada and the United States are world leaders in meeting the highest environmental standards identified through scientific principles, collaborative approaches, and sustainable harvesting practices.

Our Practices are Regularly Audited

Wood is the only building material with third-party certification programs in place to verify that products originate from a sustainable, managed resource. On top of working with mills that engage in environmentally safe and sustainable practices with the appropriate certifications, Dakeryn’s remanufacturing processes are audited annually by NEPCon.