CarlWood Lumber Limited

CarlWood is a family owned lumber manufacturing company situated in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.


Since 1984, CarlWood Lumber has been a supplier of high-quality BC hardwoods (Red Alder, Pacific Coast Maple and Western White Birch) and softwoods (Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir) to wholesale distributors across Canada and the United States as well as Japan, China, Europe and Scandinavia.

Sustainability & ESG Rating


Providing assurance that companies operating on these lands are bound by:

  • Comprehensive legislation and enforcement
  • 20-25 year forest management plans
  • Rolling 5 year development plans and site-specific annual operational plans
  • Forest management plans subject to public review
  • Deforestation rate in Canada is almost zero (0.02%)
  • Has close to 90% of the original forest cover, with a thriving forest products industry
  • More than 31 million hectares of protected forests
  • Less than 1% is harvested annually (including in the boreal forest)
  • More than 75% of the protected forest and other wooded land are considered strictly protected where no logging or extraction is allowed
  • By law, all harvested areas must be replanted
  • Although 85% of regeneration occurs naturally, 500,000,000 trees are planted annually