BC Door Company Limited

B.C. Door is one of the largest solid wood raised panel door manufacturers in British Columbia.


In 1934 Les Palmer's vision was to build a strong company based on integrity, quality and innovation.  This year – 2014 – marks the 80th anniversary of the opening of the British Columbia Door Company. Since its inception in 1934, B.C. Door has thrived as a homegrown, family-owned-and-operated business with four generations that have carried on the family's tradition of prime quality millwork. We believe it has been our traditional quality, exacting standards, commitment to innovation, originality in design, and exceptional value that have allowed us to persevere through changing marketplaces, increasing foreign competition, and turbulent financial markets. These principles are taken to heart when every B.C. Door is made-to-order, but these principals alone have not maintained the success of B.C. Door; ultimately it is the recognition of homeowners, architects, designers & builders and their desire to have a B.C. Door in their home that has sustained B.C. Door for over 80 years. It is with this drive and focus that B.C. Door pushes forward into the future. The goal of B.C. Door is:

  • to be different from all the rest
  • to provide products from natural and sustainable resources that homeowners feel proud to showcase in their home. 
  • to excel as an industry leader in design and style
  • to provide the ultimate in custom wood doors 

     “In the realm of possibilities,                             if you can dream it, we can do it” 

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Protecting the environment and our future is a fundamental value of B.C. Door.  Sometimes there is a perception that – because of the nature of our business – we are not environmental stewards.  This could not be further from the truth. A properly managed forest is a renewable resource and will survive forever.  When one tree is harvested, another can be grown in its place creating sustainability. Some note that while reforestation is excellent, there is still an environmental footprint when trees are cut down.  This is true, which begs the question ‘what is the environmental footprint of building from other materials and production methods?’ Steel and composites are produced using raw materials including iron and coal.  Open pit mining is used to collect these raw materials, which permanently destroys landscape and harms waterways.  In addition, immense amounts of fossil fuels – and ensuing chemical pollution – are necessary to process these raw materials, further harming the environment.  From a lifecycle approach, wood is definitively the least harmful to the environment and is the only biodegradable and renewable material. There is no question that wood doors and windows are the most environmentally friendly option. Save our environment with a wood door from B.C. Door.  Use it as a focal point, showpiece, and conversation starter to demonstrate your commitment to environmental stewardship.