New Build, Distributed Energy Storage, Low and Zero Energy Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical, Commercial, Boutique Hotels, Retirement.


“We are empowering the world to build with a purpose.”

TermoBuild offers high-quality building solutions for Net Zero Energy and Sustainable Buildings at or below conventional costs.

Our motto, “building green in a concrete world,” describes the commitment to promoting healthy indoor living and low carbon buildings.

The Termobuild solution takes precast hollow core slabs to the next level by integrating a thermal solution.

By connecting these slabs to the air handling ducts it can reduce load on HVAC systems up to 50% for cooling, and 30% for heating. Less impact on the HVAC peak demand can reduce costs while taking advantage of fresher air being pushed through the building naturally, lending itself to higher air quality environments.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

TermoBuild enables a building to store free thermal energy for heating and cooling in hollow core concrete flooring slabs based on the time of day and outside/inside temperature differentials. This captured thermal energy can then be used to heat or cool the building. TermoBuild’s design avoids mid-day premium time of use charges. Turning off the HVAC chillers during this period does not compromise comfort.