Deceuninck North America

Deceuninck North America is an industry leading, fully integrated company that produces energy-efficient residential and commercial window & door syst


Deceuninck North America, LLC is an industry-leading fully integrated design, compounding, tooling, lamination, fiberglass pultrusion, and PVC extrusion company that produces energy-efficient residential and commercial window and door systems. The company is committed to developing high-performance products and has customers that produce over 7 million windows and doors annually. Its headquarters are in Monroe, Ohio, with a facility in Fernley, Nevada. Deceuninck North America is part of the Deceuninck Group, an integrated global organization that produces PVC window systems for the building industry. Deceuninck Group employs 3,600 people servicing more than 4,000 customers in 91 countries with worldwide production facilities. For more information, please visit

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Deceuninck North America is committed to sustainable practices in all that we do. Our approach dictates how we source materials, how we design and manufacture products, and how those products are shipped and delivered. We are a leader in supplying energy efficient products and reducing our environmental impact.