Paneltech International LLC

PaperStone is an attractive surface material for counters, vanities, and furniture, that is FSC certified qualifying for LEEDs building credits.


PaperStone®, created from recycled paper is both durable and easy to install. A favorite choice for homes, restaurants, office buildings, & higher education.

PaperStone is a beautiful and heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, its warm touch, its contemporary appearance, and its environmental sustainability. It is made from post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin. It has steel-like strength in span. It has stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

PaperStone is a versatile, solid surface building material that is manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner in Washington State. Durable, water resistant and easy to work with, PaperStone’s range of colors and price-point have made it a favorite choice for homes, restaurants, laboratories, office buildings, universities and premiere U.S. museums and attractions.