Nature’s Carpet

Western Canada's leading purveyors of fine area rugs & wool broadloom.


Nature’s Carpet is a division of Colin Campbell and Sons Inc., and is an international wholesale distributor of wool carpet. We have proudly been supplying natural wool carpet to flooring dealers throughout Canada and the United States, for over 30 years.

Nature’s Carpet, as the name implies, is broadloom and area rugs made from one of our planet’s favorite renewable resources: sheep’s wool.

Our carefully curated collection of natural wool carpet has been selected to accommodate the discerning consumer who wishes to make an ethical flooring decision while maintaining quality and style as well as considering the environmental impact of their purchase.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

We developed the Green Spectrum to clarify the varying degrees of our eco-friendly flooring. Our "Dark Green" products are the most natural and environmentally friendly, featuring undyed and chemical free wool, as well as natural backings and adhesives. Our "Medium Green" and "Light Green" carpets, while still far more environmentally conscious than synthetic broadloom carpet, feature many but not all the features of the Dark Green

• Durable and long-lasting

• Soft and comfortable

• Excellent sound absorption and insulation

• Filters allergens and dust

• Low toxicity

• Made of wool – a rapidly renewable resource

• Compliant with international certifications: GUT (Europe) Green Star (Australia & New Zealand), LEED (North America)