Core Products Co., Inc.

We Are Unbelievable!® Internationally trusted cleaning product manufacturer with over 40 years of experience!


Professional Cleaning Products since 1976

Core Products was started in the back of Eddie Crawford’s garage in 1976 when Eddie created a product that would start a movement. At a time when most people cooled their homes with window units, water drops from condensation would slowly stain and ruin their carpet. A friend told Eddie that if he could create a product that removed those stains, he could make a fortune. From that conversation and a bit of ingenuity came our first product, the Unbelievable Stain Remover, which is still one of our most popular cleaning products.

Core Products moved to Canton, TX, in the 1980s and continued to grow its brand. We now offer over 70 products to customers across the globe. Brent Crawford bought Core Products from Eddie, his dad several years ago, and he and his wife Ashley now run the company. Brent and Ashley are committed to maintaining the standards of ingenuity and excellent customer service that Core Products has become famous for. We have always been and will always be a family oriented company that puts our customers first.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Core Products continues to be a trusted manufacturer of specialty and green cleaning products in the janitorial and sanitation sector. We are internationally known for providing high-quality cleaning products at competitive prices. At Core Products, we are committed to creating innovative green cleaning solutions that work while also being environmentally friendly. With a variety of products that include Green Seal™ certifications and other third-party certification affiliations, Core provides green cleaning products for all of your cleaning needs.