Rotho Blaas Canada Construction Products Inc

Rothoblaas supply building materials and hardware for timber building professionals: carpenters, engineers, architects, and installers


Rothoblaas is currently operative in more than 70 countries with its own, skilled sales force. The power of this commercial structure is based on these selected resources, chosen directly on field, fact that allows a deep knowledge of local market dynamics and shares the culture and customs of the area of service. A vision inspired by the determination of Robert Blaas, who in 1991 along with his business partner Peter Lang, founded the company. 

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Rothoblaas is aware of the importance of a responsible economic strategy, attention to health and safety of workers and the environment, essential for the preservation of all the stakeholders. Therefore, the management is committed to: - Analyse the risks and dangers for employees; - Providing health and safety of all workers; - Ensure continuous improvement of product quality, safety, and environmental impact; - Respect the laws in the sphere of quality, safety, and environment; - Provide information and training for all workers Rothoblaas is housed in a modern, functional energy-efficient building, constructed in wood and glass on a wooden frame and steel. Designed to identify with the product range and to foster team spirit among the departments, it covers an area of ​​over 17,000 m2 and fits harmoniously in the natural, local environment.