Euroshield® Roofing

Euroshield® Roofing - Environmentally Friendly Rubber Roofing Systems Hail, Heat, Wind, Rain, and Snow... Bring it on.


G.E.M. Inc., the manufacturer of Euroshield® recycled rubber roofing products, was founded in 1999 by Mr. Henry Kamphuis in response to the overwhelming problem of burying used tires in landfills and dumps. Years of research have led to the creation of extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing ecological roofing systems:

  • Beaumont Shake
  • Rundle Slate 
  • Ranchlands Shake
  • Vermont Slate

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Reduction of environmentally harmful waste thanks to an alternative rubber roof

It is interesting to note that 250-1,000 rubber tires are used to produce the Euroshield roof® of a medium-sized house. In addition, the waste generated during the installation process can be collected and recycled again - which practically eliminates waste that is harmful to the environment. Made from 95% recycled materials, mainly recycled tyres, Euroshield roofing products® have been installed worldwide, in the coldest northern climates and the hottest equatorial regions, with enormous success. They are available to be installed on your home today.

Euroshield® products have been specially designed to withstand extreme weather events and temperature variations that cause cracks, peelings, cracks and rots, undesirable features associated with aging in other roofing systems.