DREAM Collaborative

DREAM Collaborative Minority-owned, full-service architecture firm creating beautiful, authentic place and enabling better outcomes for all


DREAM Collaborative is challenging conventional thinking about urban living and reimagining the power of architecture to impact the Greater Good. We believe all people deserve access to beautiful, contextual design and the best way to design spaces for diverse groups of people is through an inclusive process.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Every project presents sustainable design opportunities. Even if a project will not pursue any certification, there are always opportunities for sustainability within the design process and material and systems selection.

- Our goal is always to create healthy, energy efficient buildings and interior spaces. - Preparing the documentation required for approvals related to Boston Zoning Codes for Green Building and Climate Resiliency and review of a project’s impacts on transportation, public realm, the environment, and historic resources. - Management of the LEED process, ensuring all documentation and protocol is being upheld to satisfy the requirements for the project’s LEED goal.