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Innovative Heat Pump Manufacturers & Self Contained Prefab Homes designer for Off-Grid & Arctic Locations

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Specialized Prefabricated & Modular Homes for Arctic Communities, Northern Communities & Off-Grid locations. ElectroMotion Energy's Norther…


The Revolution™ is an innovative new energy technology which generates electricity as a byproduct when you need heat or hot water.

The unique combination of a heat pump, electrical generator, and multiple heat exchange systems along with our proprietary technologies make up the Revolution™ and Synergistic Energy Heat Pump™ (SEHP).

We’ve transformed conventional space heating, air conditioning, hot water, and electrical systems into a single, revolutionary unit which increases home safety, and improves your bottom-line.

Imagine getting paid to heat your home as a result of excess electricity provided to the grid!

ElectroMotion Energy's Northern Housing Platform™ is a revolutionary solution to critical and unique problems faced in Arctic and Northern communities. A Revolution Home™ will provide thousands in savings over it's lifetime, as well as reduce environmental impact and thermal pollution

Sustainability & ESG Rating

  • Never again be without heat or electricity – even when the power fails.
  • Cut down on repairing expensive heat pumps.
  • Reduce your energy costs and environmental impact by up to 70%.
  • Drive an electric car for free to save money and reduce your GHG emissions.