Lamco Forest Products

Greener Engineered Wood Framing Solutions


Lamco Forest Products is a manufacturer of Greener and Innovative engineered wood products used as structural components, flooring, siding and decking. Our technology allows you to: - optimize the engineering of your wood structures - eliminate waste - save on materials & labor - build sustainable & better quality construction.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

SUSTAINABILITY FOREST MANAGEMENT: Accordingly with our supplying policy, all raw materials are from managed forests with sustainable yield & at least one of these certifications: SFI and PEFC. Proximity to the source: LAMCO plant is within a 75 mile radius of the highest concentration of these sawmills in Canada. LEED® projects can use LAMCO products. RAW MATERIAL OPTIMIZATION: Since we only needs short 2X4, 2X5 & 2X6 to start with, the LAMCO process can turn small Black Spruce & Jack Pine boards into long & wide products, optimizing the natural strength of slow growth trees of Northern Quebec. LESS GLUE: Once dry, glue is less than 1% of the volume of our products, meeting California Air Resource Board (CARB) standards. Our glue is accepted in LEED projects. NO WOOD WASTE, NO WATER USED: Cut-offs are reintroduced into production or together with wood shavings, converted to wood pellets. Our low temperature kilns uses less energy and no water using heat pump technology. REDUCED WASTE at your factory or job site: Exact lengths ordered mean no waste for you & less assembly time. Custom depths not limited to conventional sizes can optimize your designs & reduce the volumes needed. LAMCO warrants 100% of our products are usable for their intended application. SUSTAINABILITY OF WOOD in general: Reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling: Wood is a better insulator than concrete or steel. The energy used to produce wood building alternatives to steel or concrete reduces fossil fuels consumed, resulting in 16% to 26% less impact on Global Warming. Using wood as a building product creates carbon sequestration (captures carbon). Wood outperforms competitors in Life Cycle Assessment