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AcoustiTECH specializes in acoustic solutions and offers the most effective solutions available for mitigating sound in multi-storey residential projects. Our partnership with Soprema & Fermacell allows us to expand our portfolio with efficient and diversified acoustic solutions. Our approach to sound-insulation is quite different than most as we ask questions about the nature of your building, your acoustic need or requirement and finally your budget. Once we have a better understanding of the big picture we simply provide "acoustical recipes" (options) which can allow you to save money, improve the sound quality of your building and/or even change the way you build. We back this up with a team of acoustic experts whom will help you reach your goals and rest easy regarding sound issues in your building. We are the reference when it comes to sound insulation of multi-storey buildings

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Each of the membrane is nontoxic, non-allergenic, non-putrescible and odorless. According to the Canada Green Building Council, our membranes are conform to LEED standards. Many of our membranes are even manufactured from recycled fibers.