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Manufacturer of air barrier and vapor barrier products for homes


3M is a science-based company. Using its 46 technology platforms, our team of scientists and researchers work directly with clients to improve homes, businesses and lives across Canada and around the world. In the home sector, 3M sets itself apart with home air filtration and air freshener solutions, as well as vapor barrier and air barrier solutions.

Sustainability & ESG Rating

We believe in our responsibility to safely serve customers today, while respecting the resource needs of generations to come. From emissions to energy conservation, not to mention ergonomics, we follow the regulations and strive to exceed them. Our facilities, processes and products are subject to rigorous programs to ensure we meet the highest environmental, health and safety performance standards. Together, we are committed to constant improvement.


3M has adopted a lifecycle management approach for all new and existing product lines. This holistic approach includes the entire supply chain, from raw materials to manufacturing, disposal and recycling, with the goal of minimizing energy consumption and the overall environmental footprint of products.