Synapse Electronics

Manufacturer of electronic products for home comfort


Synapse Electronics is a Canadian company specialized in manufacturing electronic circuitry. Operating within a state-of-the-art technological environment, it creates efficient integrated electronic systems for North American and European markets.

The customers of Synapse Electronics benefit from well-established know-how, high tech equipment and an experienced staff in fulfilling mandates in electronic subcontracting.

The operations of Synapse Electronics include research and development of new products, prototype design, large-scale manufacturing of electronic circuitry submitted to the highest standards of quality, assembly of various other complementary components, robotic verification, packaging and delivery of manufactured products.

Synapse Electronics provides you with a complete electronic product manufacturing service, from design right through to packaging. You can count on the creativity and expertise of our team to develop and manufacture electronic circuits of the highest quality. In addition, our extensive installations and state-of-the-art equipment and technology means we can rapidly deliver large quantities of your product

Sustainability & ESG Rating

Comfort management: Temperature, humidity, boiler thermostats, control of HVAC systems AC and DC motor control: Commercial and industrial applications Lighting management (LED) Embedded systems: Processors and microcontrollers for all types of application Housing and plastic molding: Development of molds according to requirements, industrial design, mechanical tests and prototype by 3D printer