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No one knows protection like we know protection.


Air and moisture control are critical to the sustainability, durability, and longevity of a building, for both energy efficiency and to protect it against potential moisture damage. Our above- and below-grade DELTA® barriers have the highest performance specifications on today’s market – helping you meet building codes and sustainability requirements.

Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is future oriented, meaning we have a constant and never-ending commitment to improvement. We accomplish this through a combined quality, safety, and environmental management system.

Ecological principles

Dörken holds a number of relevant certifications and labels that illustrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment. This includes a Health Product Declaration® (HPD); a Declare label that meets the needs of the LEED® v4 materials inventory and toxic chemical avoidance credit; and Red List Free. 

DELTA® products support sustainable and energy-efficient building practices, including efforts toward achieving LEED certification, and are an ally in the pursuit of the Net Zero ideal in commercial, multi-family, and residential construction. All our membranes are Red List Free and we have the Declare Certificate.