Zehnder ComfoAir 70 Ductless ERV Installation

Small Planet Supply USA

The Zehnder ComfoAir 70 is a compact ductless energy-recovery ventilator (ERV)

The Zehnder ComfoAir 70 compact ductless energy-recovery ventilator (ERV) provides tempered fresh air to 600 square feet of living space - ideal for Tiny houses. This “spot ERV" drop-in doesn’t require any ductwork and has filtered supply-air and exhaust-air venting, as well as a washable ERV core (the enthalpy exchanger). The controls provide for four power levels with a maximum fan speed of 30 cfm. The best way to use the ComfoAir 70 is to ‘set it and forget it’, running the equipment continuously on mid-range speeds, but bumping the speed up to the maximum 30-cfm setting for when there are more people in the space or when cooking or in colder temperatures where condensation on windows may occur otherwise.